Eco Smart accredited electrician CanberraAt Enercorp, we believe in environmental sustainability. So, we go that extra length to obtain the cadre of eco-smart electricians. Eco-smart is a certification approved by Clean Energy Council (CEC) of Australia.

Why is eco-smart accreditation so special and important?

Eco-smart accreditation has so much value because obtaining this certification is not a cakewalk. As electricians, we have to follow a well regulated process in order to obtain it. In order to be eligible for Eco-smart, electricians in Australia need to complete four training modules offered under the Continuous Professional Development training by CEC. We obtain Energy Efficiency Certification only after passing the required tests and procedures. This course carries 55 points, which is double the score allotted to renew solar PC accreditation with CEC. 

Once we obtain Energy Efficiency Certification, we become eligible to apply for Eco-smart certification. This is the next level of accreditation and it enables us to provide value added services to all our clients. Being eco-smart accredited electricians, we have the expertise required to deliver energy efficient services and solutions that perform without a compromise on quality. 

Offering sustainable solutions at reasonable prices 

Enercorp has always believed in making services affordable to a greater portion of the population. Now, you can be assured of tremendous cost savings not only because our services are affordable, but also because our eco-friendly solutions ensure reduced operational expenses and continuous cost savings. In the long run, eco-friendly technology offers great returns. 

So, if you feel responsibile towards the environment and want to shift to a more eco-conscious lifestyle, all you have to do is give us a call. With our training, experience and expertise, we come up with custom solutions that suit your requirements and are sustainable at the same time. 

Why Enercorp?  

Enercorp always focuses on two very important aspects – safety of electrical installations and efficiency of performance. In every job that we take up, we infuse these two features so that you are completely satisfied with the performance of the electrical system of your home or office. We offer on-time emergency services as well. 

Contact Enercorp whenever you need high quality and reliable electrical services. Call 0409993334 for a free quote.