Maintenance Electrical

Maintenance electrician CanberraRegular electrical maintenance is an integral part of your property’s upkeep. At the very least, it helps you avoid emergency repairs or in other cases, it can keep your property safe from electrical fires and short circuits. EnerCorp understands the importance of these services for residential and commercial spaces and offers you all the advantages of its maintenance packages. 

Our services are widespread throughout Canberra, ACT. We aim to make your property safe as well as spot any damages earlier on, sparing you of any inconvenience and emergency expenses in the long run.

How can we help?

Our residential and commercial maintenance services can be customised to include any of your specific electrical inspection, installation or repair requirements including: 

  • Scheduled lamp replacement services
  • Testing a range of home and commercial equipment 
  • Inspecting automatic doors and automated systems
  • Installing and maintaining a Power Factor Correction system 
  • Home ventilation, air conditioning and heating system inspection
  • Inspecting security systems like alarms and CCTV
  • Inspecting the performance of eco friendly installations like solar systems
  • Inspecting underground electrical systems

Why choose us for electrical maintenance?

Electrical maintenance and their services come in all sizes. We assign the right electrician for the right job. Whether you need an electrician to inspect your basement wiring at home or need a specially trained technician for your data and communications system, we have the man power to support all your electrical needs.

Our well organised administrative team schedules appointments for our clients 24/7. For emergency and breakdown services, our technicians are on standby to help as well. Homes, offices and retail outlets are all likely to need electrical repairs and installations a few times a year. We’ll be happy to include our maintenance services during these visits. 

Reliable and timely services probably top your list and it does ours too. So we make sure our electricians and technicians arrive promptly and wind up work within a reasonable timeframe. Our services are also insured and our employees are all certified professionals. These important aspects translate into our services and we offer you nothing but the best.

Contact us today or call 0409993334 to set up an appointment for all your electrical needs.