Solar Installations

Solar installation CanberraWelcome to Enercorp’s sustainable energy services. The fact that you are here proclaims that you are keen on shifting to solar power instead of the conventional energy sources. At Enercorp, we offer efficient installation services for different kinds of solar powered equipment. 

Enercorp is essentially an electrician service that caters to the requirements of residents in Canberra, ACT. We are a licensed and accredited company. Besides offering conventional electrical services for residences and industries, we offer high quality solar and eco-friendly electrical solutions as well. 

Why solar installation?

Solar power is the future of energy in the world. With fossil fuels diminishing at an alarming pace, mainly owing to the over-exploitation of these resources, you need to look into other sustainable sources for power. Solar energy is the readymade power source that you have all around you. Harness the potential of this energy and do your bit for the environment, while simultaneously reducing your power bills. 

Moreover, you stand to gain by adopting solar energy because the government of Australia buys back any excess power that you generate from the solar system installed in your home or office. You can sell solar power to the national grid and generate a decent income in addition to offsetting a good portion of your usual power bills. 

Why Enercorp? 

We are certified by Clean Energy Council of Australia and all our installation designs comply with the guidelines set forth by this body. So, you can enjoy peace of mind and be assured of reliable services. 

Furthermore, our designs are customised to meet your specific requirements so that you get maximum benefits without having to incur unnecessary expense. With custom designed installation, you receive the best ROI on your investment. 

At Enercorp, we offer comprehensive solar installation services. From setting up the solar system and PV array to ACTEW testing, we do it all. So, you won’t have to look elsewhere for these services. 

Our pricing is competitive. Whatever your requirements, write to us with all details and we’ll send you a free quote. 

Contact us today and go solar. Call 0409993334 for a quick quote.